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Job Description:

Machine Intelligence Technology (MIT) Lab is a department of Alibaba- DAMO, the core research institute of Alibaba. In this lab, a group of leading scientists and engineers in Beijing, Hangzhou, Seattle and the Silicon Valley are devoted to the research of the most cutting-edge AI technologies in the world, such as image processing, speech recognition and natural language processing. Machine translation is one of the diverse research topics of the MIT lab. For Alibaba’s globalization strategy, it also becomes one of the most important infrastructure of AliExpress, Alibaba.com, Lazada. Now we are building the Russia machine translation team in Moscow to develop better translation technology in collaboration with the teams across the world. We believe that Alibaba break the barrier of cross- language communication and promote the cross- border business in the world with help of you. If you fulfill the following conditions, please join us and work together achieve this great goal.

Job Requirements:

  • Master’s degree or PhD with working experience and background in fields related to natural language processing (NLP), machine translation or machine learning.
  • Familiar with common NLP algorithms and latest progress in NLP field. A candidate with profound understanding of deep learning and natural machine translation is preferred.
  • Work experience in the famous universities, research institutes, and industry well-known enterprises. Engaged in research and development of large-scale machine translation system, or hapatents/open source projects/research papers to prove work experience in the field of NLP or MT.
  • Good at Python/C++. Has good engineering development ability, capable to independently complete the algorithm development and performance optimization.
  • Full of enthusiasm for NLP and ML technology, ready to learn continuously and invest knowledge.
  • Fluency in English is required. Highly independent, open- minded and collaborative.
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